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Press release by: Nadia Elkharadly

Toronto band The Bloody Five are gearing up to release their cover of “New York City” by The Demics Friday February 3rd. Produced and engineered by Derek Hoffman (Brighter Brightest), mixed by Brian Moncarz, and mastered by Joao Carvalho, this high energy and crowd pleasing track will be the first released from the band’s full length album, coming out later this year.

Formed in 2009, The Bloody Five are 70’s 80’s and 90’s babies with a mutual passion for creating music and building on each other’s imaginations. A multigenerational band with a multigenerational fanbase, The Bloody Five exemplify the timelessness of rock music.  Kevin DeFreitas (vocals and keyboards) and Tomi Fear (guitar) are both York Region teachers who had started writing some songs together in 2009. The charismatic Chris Hau (bass), a former student of Kevin’s, soon joined the group, and his study of rock and roll dynamics clearly has paid off in his exuberant stage presence.  The youngest member, Robby “Raw Beats” Sedran (drums), also a former student at Kevin’s school, rounded out the band with his uncanny ability to define the groove using innovative fills and his double bass pedal.  Their first release, Bedroom Music, in 2010 received acclaim from both fans and media alike, and their highly awaited forthcoming album is set to drop in 2012.

The Bloody Five’s rendition of “(I Wanna Go To) New York City” is a modern take on a Canadian punk classic.  The song was originally written by The Demics, formed in London, Ontario in 1977.  Lead singer Keith Whittaker was originally from Manchester, England, explaining the band’s markedly English punk inspiration and sound.  The band moved to Toronto to be closer to the punk scene, adding to the already vibrant blend of influences from the UK, the New York underground punk scene and something quintessentially Canadian. “New York City” was their breakout single, getting airplay on CFNY “The Spirit of Radio” in the station’s early days.  Chart Magazine (now Chart Attack) named the song “the best Canadian single of all time”, and The Bloody Five continue the song’s journey to iconic Canadian musical status.

The cover was actually inspired by guitarist Tomi Fear’s step-brother, Kevin McLaughlin of Toronto company, Autoshare.  A few years older than Tomi, his stepbrother was listening to radio when the original song was actually on the air.  Tomi’s step-brother was really keen on hearing this song redone and pressed The Bloody Five to give it a shot. The band picked up the challenge, making this landmark song their own while staying true to its origins.  ~

A music video for “New York City” has already been shot and will be released as well.  The band actually travelled to New York last summer with director Martin Wojtunik and Zoe Alexopoulos, shooting the video over two days. Toronto videographer, Chris Nelson, and Kevin McLaughlin are also part of the project. The video will be a homage to the 1970’s punk scene in general, and will show the band embracing their role as true punk “poseurs”. The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and other punk icons will be featured in some form or another.  The single’s artwork was created by, Krista Arnold, a former student of the Aurora high school where The Bloody Five was born and features the medieval wheel of fortune, possibly signifying loss and gain of riches…in New York City.

The Bloody Five will be celebrating the release of “New York City” on February 3rd at Lee’s Palace.  Details on the show will be made available on their website,  Facebook, and Twitter pages.





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