Hello dear fans!

The Bloody Five is so grateful to each and every one of you for all of the support you’ve given us over the last few years. Thanks for coming to our shows, cheering us on, interacting with us online, and all the things you do! It really motivates us to keep rockin’ and striving to entertain you thoroughly, the way you deserve. If you are interested in being a part of our street team, drop the band a message at info@thebloodyfive.com. We’ll talk!

We had a blast at The Hideout for Canadian Music Week this year and we’re looking forward to a bloody exciting summer of shows, announcements and other surprises. Stay tuned.

We are also ecstatic to announce that the New York City video is now on AUX TV! Your requests, shares, and tweets all have a huge impact on how often the video is played. The song could even end up on a top 10 list! Find the AUX TV link here!


Finally, we are working on a video for Just Joking and we will be releasing our entire album oh so very soon! Let’s keep f’n rockin together in 2012!!

Crimson Laurier
The Bloody Five
© 2012 The Bloody Five