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Big news!

EVERYONE who purchases an advanced ticket for our Aug 31st show at Horseshoe Tavern will receive a FREE copy of our new CD, “Unreleased 2012”!

Now, you could pay $8 at the door and not get the CD, or you could pay $8 for the CD and not see the show…BUT WHY NOT GET BOTH??

Click here to purchase now!


“Unreleased 2012″…Released at last!

Canadian rockers The Bloody Five gear up to release their latest album, and celebrate with fan filled CD release party at Toronto’s Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

The Bloody Five’s debut album Unreleased 2012 is the culmination of a two year process of hard work and creativity.  Teaming up with producer Derek Hoffman (Brighter Brightest/ Much Discovered), the talented Brian Moncarz (The Darcys) and Joao Carvalho (Sloan) contributed their skills in the studio to bring the long awaited album to fruition.  The music loving public has already gotten a taste of what’s to come; songs from the album have already been given pre-release commercial radio airplay on 102.1 The Edge (Toronto), Y108 (Hamilton), and FM96 (London) as well as college radio stations throughout Canada. The mysterious and melodic “Never Again” is already available on Rock Band 3.  Demics cover “New York City” has also garnered attention from  Alan Cross, Punk News, AUX  TV, and MuchMusic, including a profile on Matt Well’s Matt Tracks on MuchMore Music.  And if the musical content of Unreleased 2012 wasn’t enough to tempt fans, the dazzling cover art by RUNT (the famous Toronto artist who paints the mural on the front of Lee’s Palace, one of the band’s favourite venues) wraps things up in an incredibly intriguing package.

Following 2012 showcases at Canadian Music Week and North by North East, the band can also be seen at Indie Week this October.

Formed in 2009, The Bloody Five are 70’s 80’s and 90’s babies with a mutual passion for creating music and building on each other’s imaginations. A multigenerational band with a multigenerational fan base, the Bloody Five exemplify the timelessness of rock music.  Kevin DeFreitas (vocals and keyboards) and Tomi Fear (guitar) were both teacher’s at an Aurora high school and had written some songs together.  A school talent show brought the musically inclined teachers together with two musically inclined students, and soon the Bloody Five was born.  The youngest member, Robby “Raw Beats” Sedran(drums) brings an uncanny ability to define the groove using innovative fills and his double bass pedal, and to hear him play you’d never believe he was the youngest member of the group.  The band has recently seen a lineup change with the departure of Chris Hau (to pursue solo efforts) and the addition of Jay Appleby on bass. Jay’s presence perpetuates the live raw energy for which the band has become known.  Their first release Bedroom Music in 2010 received acclaim from both fans and media alike, and with Unreleased 2012 coming out, the Bloody Five’s momentum is stronger than ever.

Nadia Elkharadly – Canadian Examiner

© 2012 The Bloody Five